MF.10 PRO/M Monitor for Digital System FRFR

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SKU: rs-mf10-pro-m
size: 60.00 W × 50.00 H × 40.00 L
Weight: 14.90 KGS
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If you only need one MF.10, this is the product to grab. 

You can of course buy two of these and use them as a stereo pair for maximum volume and stereo.

At 340 W, 11Kg and measuring 38x 38x 34cm the MF.10 Pro/M is the powered cab that most modeler users will choose. 

With a 60 - 20000 Hz (+/- 3dB) frequency response, the MF.10 Pro/M gives you accurate reproduction of your modeler's output and a great volume. 


The front panel is tilted back 15 degrees meaning it's perfect to sit in the traditional backline position and give you the sound that you need straight to your ears.


If you really want to surround yourself in your guitar sound, you can add an RK8 to have in front of you as well.

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