ELIS.8 PRO/M Monitor for Digital System FRFR

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SKU: rs-elis8-pro-m
size: 50.00 W × 40.00 H × 40.00 L
Weight: 9.80 KGS
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The Elis.8 PRO/M is the Mono version of the Elis.8. If you only need one cab, this is the one to grab.


At 220W RMS, this is all you need to hear your modeler loud and clear in most situations. The coaxially mounted HF driver, insurance that there's no phase cancellation when listening off-axis, so you'll hear exactly what your digital rig is producing regardless of where you're standing on stage.


The Elis.8 PRO/M can be used in back-line position (flat on the floor) or tilted back 25 degrees.


At 9Kgs and 26x40x29cm this is a lot of sound in a tiny package. If you're over carrying heave gear, but still want to be heard, the Elis.8 is your new best friend for your onstage guitar sound.



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