Mission Engineering EP1-SPL

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size: 12.00 W × 12.00 H × 28.00 L
Weight: 1.67 KGS
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The Mission EP1-R-SPL is a high quality, all metal, vintage style expression pedal designed to work with a wide range of different effects pedals, midi controllers, digital amps, and electronic keyboards.
The EP1-SPL has the factory installed spring load option which is a spring that pushes the pedal back to 'zero' as soon as you remove your foot. This make the pedal great to use with units like the Axe-Fx III or its companion foot controller the FC-12 / FC-6 which has an 'auto-engage' option that allows effects to be turned on and off when an expression pedal moves to and from the 'zero' position.

The Mission Engineering EP1-SPL is a high quality expression pedal.  The EP1-SPL is compatible with a large number of expression inputs.  The Mission Engineering EP1-R-SPL is housed in a rugged enclosure.  Add a new level of control to your playing and effects with the Mission Engineering EP1-SPL.

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