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Kinman P90-Bucker Heavy Pickup Set


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Kinman P90 Buckers Zero-Hum Pickups (03:40)
http://kinman.com/model-products.php?pid=2&products=Humbucker&modelid=39&model=P90-Bucker&group= https://www.facebook.com/BuitenhuisCustomGuitars/?fref=ts http://www.fractalaudio.com http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4196 https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=kinman+p90+buckers+zero-hum+pickups&_aid=kingman From the Kinman website: "At last, Seth Lovers brief has been fulfilled 57 years after the event - a humbucker that sounds like Gibson intended it to sound, like a P-90. This is one hell of a humbucker. Actually, a good name would be the "Humbucker From Heaven" because its lush sonic purity, gorgeous rich tone, outstanding clarity and inspirational dynamics is breathtaking to experience. If you are chasing better clarity and note definition from the low wounds our regular humbuckers are pretty darn good but the P90-Bucker represents a quantum leap into the superlative. That's because single coils 'own' clarity and note definition on the low wound strings and the P90-Bucker has a genuine, 100% authentic single coil sound. Introduced August '14. When Gibson’s President Ted McCarty told Seth Lover to silence the P-90 in 1955 I took that to mean keep the P-90 sound and get rid of the hum. Well Seth got rid of the hum (almost) but the sound of his humbucker was nothing like a P-90. Gone were the expressive whack attack and the piano tones of the low wound strings. Gibson sat on the pickup for 2 years for that reason and only released it in 1957 under pressure in response to Gretsch’s silent Filtertron pickup. Meanwhile a whole generation of guitar players has grown up not experiencing the wonderful sonic attributes of a gorgeous P-90. They don’t know what it means to have expressive whack attack and piano tones coming from the low wound strings. That's because the P-90 was relegated to the back burner due to the massive amount of 60Hz mains hum it produces and it died a death at the hands of Gibson's marketing team and Seth's humbucker. Some 57 years later in 2013 and Chris Kinman discovers the obscure Law of Electrical Physics that prevents humbuckers from sounding anything like a P-90, especially on the low wound strings. This Law of Electrical Physics is relatively unknown since one of the few places it operates is in the side-by-side coil arrangement of a humbucker. From an understanding of the actual problem Kinman devised a solution using our recently Patented technology to allow the coils to produce a more natural string sound free from that destructive Law of Electrical Physics in the coils. The revolutionary P90-Bucker is the result and gorgeous, transparent, lush piano tones delivered with a highly expressive whack attack is the sound it produces."
  • Kinman P90 Buckers Zero-Hum Pickups

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