Gemini 2 Studio Edition

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size: 71.00 W × 20.00 H × 12.00 L
Weight: 28.50 KGS
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Gemini 2 is the worlds first stereo FRFR system designed for use with modelers and software based guitar systems. Gemini 2 features a 2 x 12″ full range digital amplified speaker cabinet with integrated studio quality USB audio interface.

Mission EmPower Technology™ features multi-channel class D power amplifiers, active crossovers with variable EQ, and full range co-axial drivers, all designed from the ground up to work together as the perfect amplification solution for modeling systems.

Gemini 2 features a 2 x 110W internal amplifiers, 2×12″ low frequency drivers, with 1″ coaxial high frequency drivers providing a stereo solution in a single cabinet. Gemini 2 works perfectly with guitar processors with stereo outputs. Get the best out of ping pong delays, and swirling rotary speaker emulations. Create dual path patches assigning different cab sims to the different physical drivers. Blend clean and dirty signal chains to get you ultimate tone.

Pro-audio ¼” jack and XLR connectors, high speed USB, and optional Class 2 stereo Bluetooth wireless interfaces connect Gemini amps directly with software based guitar systems on computers, tablets and smartphones, as well as dedicated guitar processors. EmPower EQ control allows blending between a flat or a more traditional guitar cab frequency response. A switchable stereo output allows you to connect two Gemini units together. The studio quality onboard digital audio interface features bit perfect class 2 stereo audio with, selectable sampling rates up to 192KHz and 24bit. This allows you to play and record directly into your PC or Mac without any additional hardware.

Gemini’s sophisticated power system provides a number of benefits not found in traditional guitar amplifiers. 100 – 240 input voltage and 50/60 Hz compatibility means you can use Gemini almost anywhere in the world without requiring heavy and expensive transformers. Just connect directly to wall power wherever you are with a suitable cable. Power saving features such as a high efficiency power supply and deep sleep modes for internal components, mean Mission Gemini’s use a fraction of the power of a regular amp, costing less to run, and wasting less energy. The included V-Lock power cable ensures the power is correctly connected, and protects against the cable being accidentally pulled out.

The Gemini 2 will grace any stage or studio. Each cabinet is hand made from 3/4″ void free, baltic birch with a high quality black Tolex covering, black basket weave acoustic speaker covering, and chrome hardware. Guitarists using a rack mount guitar processors such as the Fractal Audio-Axe-FX, Avid Eleven Rack, or Pod HD PRO can use the Gemini H, 19″ rack head and build the perfect modeling half stack. The Gemini 2 comes with sturdy rubber feet on both the base and one side and can be used with the speakers in side by side mode for normal stereo, or vertical mode for PA style use.

Gemini 2 Specifications

High speed USB 2.0
24-bit @192KHz
USB Audio Class 1 and Class 2
Support for Apple OSX 10.6.4 and above
Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Bluetooth version 3.0
Backwards compatible with 2.1+EDR, 1.2 and 1.1
Bluetooth SIG and FCC certified
Embedded DSP
iAP profile discovery for Apple iPhone® and iPad®
Stereo input and output

2 x 110W stereo
103dB signal to noise ratio, A-weighted
103dB dynamic range, A-weighted
Mission EmPower™ active crossover with variable EQ.
110-240VAC power supply

2 x 12” Mission low frequency driver
2 x 1” high frequency compression driver
Titanium HF diaphragm
Co-axial configuration

¾” void-free Baltic birch
Black Tolex covering
Basket weave acoustic speaker cloth
Chrome hardware

Width: 28” (711mm)
Height: 20” (508mm)
Depth: 12”  (305mm)
Weight: 63 lbs (28.5kg)

*Customers had requested the option to be able to order the Gemini series without wireless. As a result, we have made the Bluetooth wireless module an extra cost option. The Bluetooth module is not yet available. We expect to have the optional wireless feature availabl

Gemini 2 Studio
Bronze Basket Grill cloth
Black hardware
Silent cooling
Additional damping
Standard Bluetooth module

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Awesome Mission Gemini Studio
Written by Chris on 24th Dec 2016

Happy Xmas and birthday to me! :). I just received this yesterday and this is fantastic! Feels like a real amp, works so well with the Axe FX.. Couldn't be happier. Thanks to Andrew at Independent Music for his efforts on getting this to me. Awesome!

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