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Axe Fx II XL+

9.50 KGS
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Product Description


The Axe-Fx II XL+ has the same DSP and amp modeling capabilities as the Axe-Fx II Mark II, but offers expanded memory, new I/O ports, and other upgrades



Axe-Fx XL Features:

  • Built-in FASLINK™ port for connection to MFC-101 Mark III over conventional XLR cables.
  • Dedicated MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU jacks (vs. shared OUT/THRU in the Mark II).
  • Two onboard PEDAL jacks (vs. one in the Mark II).
  • Primary VALUE entry via optical encoder with a lifespan of 1,000,000+ rotations.
  • “Secret Sauce III” instrument input features an even lower noise floor.
  • 128 Mb of non-volatile Super-FLASH memory allows for storage of up to 512 presets and 512 user cabinets with copious reserves for future expansion.
  • Double-capacity preset size allows for expanded functionality including X/Y switching on more blocks and more instances of effects.
  • Built-in backup firmware allows recovery in the event of complications during update.
  • Backward compatibility with Axe-Fx II Mark I/II presets via Axe-Edit software.


We can only honour warranties for units that have been purchased directly from Independent Music. 

All Fractal Audio products come with a 15 day money back guarantee. Buy it, try it, and if you are unsatisfied for any reason, we'll accept your return and refund the purchase price. You'll have to pay shipping. But you won't, because you won't want to give it back anyway... Please read the returns policy.

Email fractal@independentmusic.com.au for all enquiries.

Control your Axe-Fx II XL with the MFC 101 Midi Foot Controller.

Control wah pedals and delay speeds and effects blending and all kinds of stuff with Mission Pedals.

To hear your Axe Fx in glorious full range, flat response awesomeness – you need an or Atomic CLR Active Wedge (or two!).

Want to protect your Axe-Fx? Put it in a Rack Case.

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Product Reviews

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  1. I can't stop playing guitar! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2015

    The AXE FX XL is a monster piece of gear. You can take the simple approach and delve in to all the Advanced Parameters.
    The black box has sooooooo many good sounding amps/effects/cabs etc, instead of making patches for my live show, I'm busy noodling!
    Along with the Atomic CLR which sounds fantastic and compliments the AXE superbly, you wonder why you took so long to make the purchase.
    A Thank You also to Andrew & Co for great support and delivery.

  2. What a beast 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th May 2015

    Well, if you listen to this fantastic piece of equipment on you tube.... You won't get a good idea of the sound. It's soooo good. Worth every penny. I didn't have a single problem, hooking up. It all just worked! Over the years I have spent many An hour fiddling with midi and hundreds of cables. That has all gone!
    The service from this company is fantastic as well, great experience, thanks guys

  3. Best in the world 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th May 2015

    If I _had_ to fault this unit, I'd say 'Needs more Bass support', 'not enough knobs', and 'The screen text is a little small' & 'The fan noise can distract in a quiet recording studio'..
    In all honesty however, the Axe FX II is the best unit of its kind available and is priced accordingly. This is my second unit and in the 2 years I have been dealing with Fractal products, I have been consistently impressed by their concern for constant improvement, and the way they listen to their customers. If you play guitar - this is the modeller to get,

  4. As good as it gets 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jan 2015

    I run a small studio and as such, being able to record guitar, without waking up the oldies at 2am is paramount to the success of my success. I had been happily using an AVID Eleven Rack for the better part of two years. And while I learned there are highs you need to cut (because it sounds like all the guitars were in a shipping container), and there was no software because it was removed from Pro Tools and the standalone editor would not work, I decided to go looking for something else. I run a studio and as such require software to work with me, not have me working for the software.

    I'd heard about the Line 6 Pod HD, but having various Line 6 gear in my studio over the years, it was banned from my studio last year for it's cheap construction and poor sound, so it was off the table straight away. I then heard about the Kemper Profiler, apparently this thing is all the hype! I looked into it, saw there were many pros, but con's being around the "sound" that is generated from the Kemper when you're using the massive library of presets also includes every piece of the chain, so you can't guarantee it's accuracy. Plus, it seemed again, we were going to having to do most things with buttons on the front, I work at a computer, I want to be able to do everything from the computer.

    I'd heard of the Axe-FX II before, and knew it was pricey, but maybe just maybe this was my saving grace. I read a million reviews, watched a ton of videos, absolutely everyone was raving about this thing. Okay, all in.

    Independent Music had one left in stock and I got my little hands on it. They were great and had to delivered to my door within a day, AMAZING. I can't think of another single company in Australia that has been able to do that with anything in Express Post, so great job guys.

    The build quality of this thing is as good as it gets with Rack gear, I can imagine it will last for some time. It's solid, has that nice black finish, and the two handles on either side not only look great, but made it super easy to install, and helps protect the front of the device.

    Buttons and knobs are all solid, and the I/O options are many. Many of the configuration settings are done with the device itself, but with the scroll wheel, quick access buttons, and paging buttons, everything is as fast as if I was using software.

    The Axe-Edit software is great, I can add/remove tweak and customise to my hearts content. If I can't get it 100%, I can use a sample a tone match, presto, there's the sound.

    I have already had a very skilled guitarist play through it, and he said he forgot he was playing through a machine as it felt and sounded just like playing through a real amp. That's a win in my book.

    I've already ReAmped all my current projects with it, and am looking forward more to future projects to see what I can do with it.

    Exceptional product. It is not often a product lives up to it's hype, but this is definitely one of them, and one of the best purchases I have made for my studio.

  5. Quality Unit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Dec 2014

    Prior to buying the AFX2XL, I looked at reviews and videos to assess why I should get this over any other super stack rig.

    There is good reason why so many huge acts use the Axe Fx 2 XL. It is simply outstanding.

    1.) Versatility
    - Live use: Sounds huge, easy to control personal levels given two outputs (FOH and monitor)
    - Studio use: Easy to set up with great results
    - It will handle 99.99% of any genre you wish to play

    2.) Conveniance
    - Lightweight
    - Good straight out of the box factory presets

    3.) Build Quality
    - Rugged structure
    - Good quality dials that turn with a nice resistance (accurate for level setting without slipping and blowing up a small village like a 100W tube head)
    - Bright screen

    4.) Sonic Quality
    - Huge array of heads, cabs, fx pedals, mics
    - Outstanding tones for a wide range of music styles
    - No one can really explain how good this is, it needs to be played to be believed.

    Notable points:

    - Upon unboxing it seemed quite large, however when placed on my desk it was apt and in comparison to any given 100W head; is smaller and lighter.

    - It takes some time to develop tones when just using the Axe's front interface, however when plugging into a computer the AXE-edit software makes it a breeze. If you are a gear nut and really like to give surgical precision to your tones, then this is your dream.

    - The cleans are as spectacular as the brutal tones (which really surprised me). With a range of delays, reverbs and pitch shifters the AXE is able to create spacey transient tones that are excellent .

    - Go FRFR. Just do it for the variety of tones. Choosing to sim one amp and one cab, you have a possible 32,118 combinations (not including pedals, mics and even the amp settings, tubes etc).

    - Independent music's service is excellent, shipped across the county and at my door within a week.

    In summary:
    If you can afford it, have the time to get to know it and the will-power to know that your personal life will perish as a result of getting it...then you should buy an AXE FX.

  6. axe fx 2 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jul 2014

    This product is just awsome easy to use and has so much to mess with I can't wait until I get to know what everything can do

  7. forget the rest, this is best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2014

    After a few seconds of hesitation, we selected a few recognisable sounds, amps and cabinets, got the input and output levels and WOW!
    I love products where they think of features you never knew you needed, all wrapped in an intuitive classy 2u rack mount jewell.

    I think there could be a video in 3 parts, initial setup, finding and creating what you want, finally using the more unique and unusual aspects along with info on extra purchases such as downloadable cabinets etc.

    It must be not easy for Fractal Audio to make each sound work with the multitude of guitars and desks, headphones etc, the sound to me worked very well with a Gibson Les Paul, and after a touch of fine tuning my Fender Strat leaped into life, and after recording, I was amazed by the purity of signal, clarity of sound along with richness of tone.
    I would like more choice of pedals, but that's just me I suppose, this unit does not have fizz when set correctly, you need to take your time and learn at your own pace.

    The a Fractal Audio will not date easily, great for live or studio use. I believe you need a good signal and sound first, and not use the endless tools inside the recording applications to fix. This box solves this approach, giving full signal right from the start. Getting what you want is what it's all about, this thing is real!

  8. best piece of music equipment 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2014

    Best thing I've bought


    Posted by on 9th Jun 2014

    Why buy a house when you can buy and Axe FX II XL?! Are you crazy?! Fractal Audio have blown the roof of everything with this product! I sat down and went through every single patch as soon as I turned it on and it took me a good 1-2 hours. The extensive range of factory presets is just mind blowing. You essentially have a studio in a box from the word go.

    As far as user-friendliness goes the Axe Fx II XL is a bit of a bummer, you really have to sit down, go through the manual and learn how to use it. On the other hand once you get the hang of the unit all it's functions become second nature.

    So far I haven't experienced any problems whatsoever with the Axe Fx. As an artist I've been using my DAW to control it's patches via USB to play along to backing tracks etc. I've found that the processing power of the Axe Fx is so quick that there really isn't any latency between patch changes, it's almost as if I'm just turning a pedal on.

    The detail and intricacies of each amp model is beyond my comprehension. Over 150 amp models and all of the sound different and have more control functions than the actual amps themselves. The effects are super high quality and have all parameters necessary to get it the way you want it with a little bit of tweaking.

    The best thing about the Axe Fx II XL is obviously the tone it produces, with the aid of Axe-Edit (which is the computer program that edits patches) you can really sit down, and dial in a tone you'll be happy with for the rest of your life. You'll find yourself sitting there for hours on end playing on riff, editing an effect, playing the riff, editing the effect and so on. There really isn't an end to the units capabilities.

    Provided your prepared to spend the amount of money that this costs, it will not let you down. Frequent firmware updates render this thing future proof. I highly recommend the Fractal Audio Axe Fx II XL to any artist who wants to take their tone to the next level.
    This is one beast of a unit!!

  10. axe fx xl 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2014

    The product was in mint condition when is arrived safely and Andrew helped out immensely with any questions about the item and shipping/tracking etc would defiantly shop again at independant music and my friend will be purchasing an axe fx xl also in the coming weeks 10/10 for independent music

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